2. Perseus Pale Ale

  3. Argonauts Amber Ale

  4. Cyclops Coconut Porter

  5. Halia Sour Cherry Gose

  6. Khelone Session IPA

  7. Unity IPA

  8. Artemis Blood Orange Blonde Ale

  9. Poseidon NE Hazy IPA

  10. Athena Saison

  11. Hestia Hefeweizen

  12. Helios Hoppy Red IPA

  13. Pollux Gazed Donut Beer

  14. Chiron Coffee Russian Imperial Stout on nitro

  15. Kronos Russian Imperial Stout

  16. Pandora sweet potato pie ale

  1. Core Beer: 56 IBU, 6.4 SRM, 7.2% ABV: Moderately high hopped beer, citrus, floral, smooth, easy drinking IPA, hop centric with a malty backbone to match.  Hop heads and non-IPA enthusiast alike, love this beer.

  2. Core Beer: 31.2 IBU, 6.0 SRM, 5.4% ABV: What you should expect in a Pale Ale-slight hop aroma, whole grain bready, medium bodied, full smooth flavor

  3. Core Beer: 26.4 IBU, 12.1 SRM, 5.7% ABV: Malt-centric, caramely good with a  slight hop flavor, and a malt balanced finish.  Awesome and widely appealing ale. If you’re not sure what to try, this is the one.  2018 LA International Bronze Medal Winner.

  4. Core Beer: 25.8 IBU, 28.1 SRM, 6.0% ABV: A Dark, rich, malty ale, chocolatey smooth with hint of coconut, like drinking a mounds bar. Perfect with dessert or for dessert.

  5. Core Beer: 10.4 IBU, 4.5 SRM, 5.8% ABV: Moderately sweet cherry aroma, with a slightly tart and salty balance, moderately strong sour and sweet cherry flavor with a medium dry finish and tart aftertaste. 2019 LA International Silver Medal Winner.

  6. Seasonal: 36.7 IBU, 4.3 SRM, 5.2% ABV: Light, crisp hoppy beer that you can drink all day.  Citrus notes and smooth flavor make this collaboration between Euyale Brewing Co and BeanCurdTurtle Brewing. A favorite among our fans.

  7. Seasonal: 78.9 IBU, 3.9 SRM, 6.9% ABV: Moderately hopped beer, pleasantly orange citrus and  floral notes.  A Smooth and balanced IPA.  The Inland Empire Brewers Guild Collaboration, made with our friends at Inland Empire Brewing Co.

  8. Seasonal: 15.0 IBU, 4.5 SRM, 4.8% ABV: Our fresh and well balanced Blonde ale with a twist! A light malt forward ale with a hint of breadiness with a deep blood orange flavor and aroma.

  9. Seasonal:  127.0 IBU, 6.2 SRM 7.8% ABV: This is a Euryale Special Release: Juicy citrus notes, Hazy as a winter morning in New England, balanced hoppiness for a smooth DELICIOUS, unforgettable IPA experience.

  10. Seasonal: 24.1 IBU, 5.8 SRM, 8.0% ABV: Fruit and spice flavors, fine bittering with citrus notes and soft malt character. Refreshing and smooth but watch out for the higher ABV

  11. Seasonal:  11.7 IBU, 3.4 SRM, 5.2% ABV: Traditional German style wheat beer, banana and clove aroma and warm bready flavor.

  12. Seasonal: 68.6 IBU, 15.6 SRM, 7.0% ABV:  Medium high  hop aroma, robust, caramel taste, where malt and hops come together in a fusion of flavor for your drinking enjoyment.

  13. Seasonal: 7.6 IBU, 3.2 SRM, 5.2% ABV: A flavored/spiced cream ale, this pastry style brew is sweet, malty but not overdone.  A beer that taste like a glazed donut (or churro??). Really! A wildly popular fan favorite.

  14. Seasonal: 68.9 IBU, 58.9 SRM, 11.0% ABV: Starting with the base beer of our Kronos RIS, we have added cold pressed coffee for a smooth chocolate coffee flavor. Nitro charged for a creamy mouth feel and dreamy beer experience.

  15.  Barrel Aged Limited Release: 68.9 IBU, 58.9 SRM, 12.0% ABV:A strong dark beer with coffee and fruit aromas. Aged for over six month in George Dickel Tennessee Whisky barrels this beer has picked up smooth, silky tastes of vanilla, spice and smoke. This is a big beer to enjoy during special times, time after time, but only around for a limited time. Released 3/1/2019.

  16. Barrel Aged Limited Release: 11.7 IBU, 10.9 SRM, 9.8% ABV: Our first barrel aged beer, this is a beer is infused with sweet potato pie taste and spices. Being aged in Rum barrels for over six months, it has absorbed rich vanilla and brown sugar notes. Released 11/21/2018. A very special one of a kind beer.